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Ежегодно, уже много-много лет лицеисты выезжают на 3 недели в Великобританию для совершенствования английского языка по программе "Интеграция". Они садятся за парты вместе английскими школьниками. И учаться тому же, выполняют домашние задания, занимаются спортом и ездят на экскурсии, чтобы лучше познакомиться с культурой и историей Англии. Результаты превосходят все ожидания!

Мы публикуем фотоотчет и письма, которые ребята писали нам из Англии.


My life in the UK

29 th of April

This day I came to the UK. We flew on a plane 4 hours, then we came to Portsmouth. There we sat on a ferry and swam to Ride. On a car we drove to the Boarding house and we had a very big room and it looked like a Griffindor common room.

30 th of April

That was my first day in Ride school. My first lesson was DT. I was scared all day and I didn't know where to go but I couldn't ask anybody because I thought my English is too bad to speak with other children.

After a few days in school I al ready understood where my lessons were going to be. I made friends and I could speak to people. My favourite lessons in school are Science, Activities, Art and Geography. Every day after school we go walking around the town or go shopping.

4 th of May

That was the best day because we played golf after school. My best score was 60 yards. That was the first time playing golf.

I like my life in the UK!

Anna Kulichik


My life on the Isle of Wight

I came to this island for three weeks. I really like Ryde school. My favourite lessons are Science, Geography and Art. We arrived to the Boarding house on Sunday. We travelled on a plane to London then we drove Portsmouth and then sailed on a ferry to the Isle of White. Then we drove on a bus to the Boarding house. It is clean in the bathroom and the food is very good. The school is very good and the teachers are nice. I like this island and Ryde school.

Sasha Kulichik


My life in Ryde school

On Sunday 29 th of April we arrived in the Boarding house. Our living room is like living room of Gryphyndor.

Monday 30th we went to school. The First lesson was Maths. I was really afraid my first three lessons and lunch. My favourite lessons were Maths and English. At my English lesson I made a big poster with photos of Russia. We have 6 lessons every day. My favourite day was Friday 4th of May because after school we went to play golf and then we went shopping. I like all things in this school and this island.

Maria Iordani



We are in England. We went to Stonehenge. It isn't really as big as I thought about it. We are studying in Ryde school. The lessons last 55 minutes here. We have six lessons every day. Last Friday we played golf, it was cool. I like England and this school but I want to go home.

14.05.18 Dima Belov